BRT is the best option for cyclists

Dear City Council,

I am writing on behalf of London Cycle Link, a non-profit representing hundreds of Londoners who cycle and desire a more bike-friendly city.

After reviewing the 19 projects eligible for provincial and federal infrastructure funding, the best projects for moving cycling forward in London are the 5 core BRT projects. The original BRT plan incorporates important cycling connections and offers a reliable, frequent, and fast transit alternative when cycling is not possible.

There are three transformational cycling improvements that are part of the north connection and Wellington Road Gateway projects. The first is proper cycling infrastructure across University bridge. Earlier this year when the bridge was closed to vehicular traffic, the bridge was safer for cyclists and encouraged many people to choose to ride to campus. This will also be the case with protected bike lanes on a widened University Bridge. Second, the north connection extends cycling facilities from Western University to Masonville. This will offer another great option for North London residents to get to campus and for students and faculty to get to Masonville. Finally, the third cycling improvement is Wellington Road between Base Line and Bradley. Having a safe cycling connection here will make it possible to ride to Victoria Hospital from the south, and for many people to reach the retail destinations along Wellington Road. All three of these improvements will be transformational for encouraging more people to bike in London.

Further to improved cycling projects, having reliable, fast, and frequent transit in London will allow more people to live a multi-modal lifestyle. There are many people who want to cycle when the weather is nice and the destination can be accessed safely; however, there are many other trips that may need to be completed using a different mode of transportation. A rapid transit system will benefit trips along the corridor and any transit trip that can use the corridor for part of the trip. A London with good cycling infrastructure and a reliable and frequent transit system is much more attractive to help Londoners leave their car at home. This will increase the number of cyclists dramatically.

Please proceed with the 5 projects that comprise the original BRT plan. This is the best plan for a vibrant, healthy, accessible London and the best plan on the table for cycling.


Daniel Hall

Executive Director

Daniel HallComment