London Cycle Link

Our Vision


London Cycle Link is a volunteer organization dedicated to making our city a place where citizens can easily choose cycling as their preferred mode of daily transportation. We will work with the city, other organizations, and individuals to make London a more prosperous and livable city by developing the best cycling culture in Canada.

Why Choose Cycling?

In short, cycling is simply the best way to get around!  It is efficient, environmentally sustainable, and it saves money. Studies have shown that it leads to healthier, more prosperous communities. But, currently less than 2% of Londoners cycle regularly, and 73% of these are male. We want to increase this overall number to at least 8% over the next 10 years, while convincing all Londoners, regardless of gender or income, that cycling is safe and easy.

How Can we Achieve this Goal?

Study after study, as well as the experiences of cities that have adopted cycle-positive plans, show that safe, convenient, and well-maintained cycling infrastructure results in immediate and sustained increases in the number of citizens choosing cycling as their daily form of transportation year-round (even in snowy northern climates!).

The Challenge

Consistently we hear from Londoners that they do not bike because they do not believe it is safe to do so. Painted bike lanes of the kind we have now simply do not work to get people on their bikes.

The Solution

An integrated network of on-street cycle lanes separated by physical barriers from motor vehicle traffic and linked to safe routes through quiet neighbourhoods that cover the entire city and take people where they want to go.

Our Principles

  1. Cycling benefits our health, community, environment, and economy
  2. City streets and roads should be safe for all users.
  3. Well-designed cycling infrastructure results in more cyclists, a cleaner environment, and a more livable, prosperous city.
  4. The best cycling network is an integrated network that connects neighbourhoods to major routes and the destinations people want to go.

What do we propose?


The city invest in protected bicycle lanes on major routes. Such routes will result in more cyclists (and thus fewer cars and less wear-and-tear on roads), healthier citizens, and more prosperous local businesses and communities, and so will, in fact, save public money in the long term.


Link protected lanes to quiet neighbour-hood routes and the TVP through intersections designed to make all users safe


City Council appoint a “cycling Czar” to develop and implement such a cycling plan


Lower speed limits and other traffic-calming measures on side streets to makes routes safe for cyclists and pedestrians.

Peace of Mind

Employers provide secure bike parking and develop incentives to encourage their employees to cycle to work.


We are always looking for help with events, planning, etc.

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