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On Monday May 27th, ride to work!

Commuting can be difficult, stressful, and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Biking to work can make you feel healthier, happier, and will save you money. Join hundreds of other Londoners who will be cycling to work on Monday May 27th. To say thank you for riding, we’ve got breakfast and coffee covered, and have some great prizes to give out! Even if you can’t make it downtown, if you sign-up you’ll still be entered to win.

Sign up now!

You can join one of four neighbourhood rides heading downtown! Ride confidently with the support and encouragement of our ride marshals.

Starting points include Sherwood Forest Mall (NW), Northland Mall (NE), Westmount Mall (SW) and Pond Mills & Commissioners (SE) and will be leaving toward downtown at 7:00 am - see map below. Or join us at Ivey Park at 7:30am for the big group ride through downtown.

Heading to Western University? Check out multiple WATS rides to get there.



I need to look professional at work - what should I wear while riding?

If you’re able to wear your work clothes on your bike, the pace for each of the group rides will be a slow pace and keep sweat to a minimum! If that’s not realistic, bring a change of clothes and use a washroom or change room at your office to make the switch. [Tip: An elastic or pant tucked in to your sock can keep grease off your pants.]

I’m worried about leaving my bike locked up while I’m at work.

Unfortunately, bike theft is something to be cognizant of. Use a U-Lock, heavy-duty chain lock, or folding lock and lock your frame to a bike rack or immovable object. Don’t rely on a cable lock for your bike. If you have quick release wheels that can be removed without tools, lock them up as well, especially your front wheel. [Tip: Ask your employer if they can make space for you to bring your bike inside and give you complete peace-of-mind!]

I’m not confident riding on the roads with traffic, is this ride for me?

Yes, absolutely. Our ride marshals will set a slow pace to accommodate everyone and the routes we’ve chosen are along low-traffic streets or roads with decent bike infrastructure. You do need to be confident riding a bicycle, but that’s the only requirement.

Is my bike safe to ride? How do I get it ready for Bike to Work Day?

The ABC check is a start: 1) Air - pump up your tires to the correct pressure (usually 50 psi for wider tires, 70 psi for hybrid tires, and 90 psi for skinny tires - read the sidewall of the tire to be sure). 2) Brakes - roll the bike on the ground and check that both front and back brakes are working well and not rubbing. 3) Chain and Cranks - pedal backwards with the kickstand up and inspect the chain and cranks (pedal arms) for damage and any unwanted wiggle. 4) check that your wheels are securely installed on the frame.

If you’re not sure about any of this, the Squeaky Wheel Bike Co-op will be hosting a spring tune-up session the week before in preparation for Bike to Work Day.


Interested in sponsoring the Bike to Work day event? Want to highlight your products or services by offering prizes to participants? Get in touch with us by emailing info@londoncyclelink.ca.