Glow Ride 2016


We're officially part of the Fringe Festival / Nuit Blanche this year!Download the Playlist!
What to knowWhat to bring
If you've got a bike and aren't afriad of the dark this event is for you.  Come out for the Block Party, stay for the ride.

The Glow Riders are moving, glowing, pumped-up bicycle rave and invite the public to join with their tripped out art bikes. Download our DJ mix, and using your phone/mp3 player, help us create  a mobile sound stage.

What's a tripped out art bike? Take a bike, any bike and decorate it up to suit your style.  Because this is a Glow Ride battery powered LEDs and glowsticks work wonderful.  Don't stop at your bike though! You're part of the art too!
Since a glow ride in the daylight isn't much fun, the ride will start at 9pm.  However, come to our station before as our partners, The Maker Bus, will help you get your bike lit up with some LED technology.
The Arts Project, 195 Dundas Street.  There should be a big blue school bus to guide you!
  • bike
  • glow sticks/LED lights/disco balls, etc.  Go crazy!
  • mp3 player or smartphone
  • portable speaker
  • the playlist, pre-loaded on your device

    We'll provide zip-ties and tape